Health is to be in harmony

with yourself and your environment

- Hippocrates, 400 BC






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Stress and the Immune System


In these turbulent times the pressure of daily life is often overwhelming. When we experience additional stress from relationship struggles, job loss, problematic work situations, major life transitions, grief and loss, sleep disorders, unbalanced nutrition, etc., life can become very challenging. We may feel chronically tired, overwhelmed and emotionally drained. Old unconscious beliefs and attitudes, maybe from childhood traumas, also control how we feel and behave in the present, and may add to our sense of stress in the form of anxiety, insecurity or depression.


We now know from scientific research that stress causes inflammation in the body and weakens the immune system. We also know that suppressed and denied emotions stay inside our bodies and act like toxins.

Although we canít avoid stress in our lives, we can learn to respond to it differently and reduce our level of stress hormones and their damaging effect. Our aches and pains, tension and fatigue, can actually help us identify old buried feelings and unresolved issues and show the way to healing.


Practices such as yoga, qigong, mindfulness and guided imagery are helpful tools to increase body awareness and allow the body to relax, which in turn strengthens our resistance to disease. Itís also shown that experiences of beauty, love, and joy have an enhancing effect on the immune system, while long-standing feelings of stress, anger, loneliness, or depression increase the risk of disease. Just as a good and balanced nutrition is crucial for our long-term health and well-being, a balanced mental/emotional/spiritual life is of equal or even greater importance.




Relaxation, laughter, guided imagery and expression of feelings are known not only to bring calm but also to strengthen the immune system.

You have the power to influence your immune system and your health in a positive way!


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