Health is to be in harmony

with yourself and your environment

- Hippocrates, 400 BC






Certified Rubenfeld Synergist

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What is Rubenfeld Synergy?


The Rubenfeld Synergy Method® (RSM) is a holistic therapeutic approach, created by Ilana Rubenfeld in the 1960’s. The uniqueness of this method lies in the simultaneous use of body-oriented counseling and gentle body-work. This synthesis addresses both the right and the left brain, which helps increase awareness of both body and mind, allowing insights to emerge, emotions to be expressed and healing to occur.


Throughout our lifetime we store stressful memories and suppressed emotions in our bodies. They act like toxins and affect our health and well-being, showing up as aches and pains or make us feel chronically tired, emotionally drained or physically disconnected.


With RSM we can learn to listen to the body and become aware of tensions and holding patterns. By decoding their messages and honoring the emotions held within the body we can acknowledge and release what we are holding. We become empowered and free to change and make improvements in our daily lives and relationships.



About the Founder:


Ilana Rubenfeld, author of “The Listening Hand”, is considered a pioneer in integrating talk therapy and bodywork. Seeking relief from chronic debilitating pain, Ilana went to a variety of traditional and alternative practitioners. As her physical symptoms were addressed, emotions arose which were difficult to access through talk therapy. From this Ilana recognized the need for an integrative approach that heals the whole self: body, mind, emotions and spirit. What Ilana knew intuitively 40 years ago about the mind-body connection is now being proven and acknowledged through scientific research.


Ilana Rubenfeld is the receiver of the prestigious Pathfinder Award from the Association for Humanistic Psychology; she is a faculty member at the Omega and Esalen Institutes and the New York Open Center; and she is a presenter at numerous conferences throughout the world.


The Rubenfeld Synergy Training is a rigorous four-year professional training that prepares Synergists for a practice based on the principles of integrated healing. All Certified Rubenfeld Synergists are required to adhere to the profession's Standards of Practice and Ethical Principles, which are available at





A typical RSM session

is an inward journey in a safe environment. The client is fully clothed, most often lying on a padded table, but sometimes sitting, standing or moving. In a state of deep relaxation, which enhances body awareness, the client is invited to share her/his experiences of body sensations, feelings, and memories. Together we explore how these might relate to current life issues.


When old suppressed feelings are acknowledged and released a sense of calm and well-being usually follows.

Chronic pain often fades away when long held emotions are released.


Sessions usually last about 50-60 minutes and are scheduled according to the client’s needs.












This is your body,

your greatest gift,

pregnant with wisdom

you do not hear,

grief you thought

was forgotten,

and joy you have

never known.


- Marion Woodman

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