Health is to be in harmony

with yourself and your environment

- Hippocrates, 400 BC






Certified Rubenfeld Synergist

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About Karin


I offer you a safe, accepting and nurturing environment to assist you on your personal journey. With my background in holistic medicine I am trained in seeing the person as a whole. I am an experienced listener, and I have a deep respect for the innate resiliency and wisdom within each individual. My practice is based on a strong belief in each person's ability to change, grow, and heal through self-discovery.

My journey;


Born and raised in Sweden, I developed an interest in health and  healing at a young age. I got my M.D. degree at the “Karolinska Institute of Medicine and Surgery” in Stockholm, and worked for 20 years as a physician in Sweden before moving to the US. During those years I clearly saw the influence that stress and emotional pain had on my patients’ health, and I became very interested in the emerging field of Mind-body medicine. The insights into the mind-body connection changed my approach to medicine as well as to life itself. I wanted to learn how to consciously integrate this awareness for healing purposes in daily life. I chose to put my career as an M.D. in Sweden on hold to study Mind-body medicine and mind-body therapy in the form of Rubenfeld Synergy in the United States, graduated from the Rubenfeld Synergy training in 1990 and  have since then worked as a Certified Rubenfeld Synergist in private practice in the US.


EFT, Emotional Freedom Technique, entered my professional life in 2007, and I have since incorporated it into my toolbox with great results.



The change of homeland and culture in mid life has truly been an adventure that has stretched me more than I could ever imagine. I have learnt to trust life  more. - After 10 years on the East Coast I now enjoy living and working in the beautiful North West.

And the day came

when the risk to

remain tight in

a bud was more

painful than the

risk it took

to blossom.

- Anais Nin

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